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Agel – Nutrition in a new way

The philosophy behind Agel products is “to use and share your experience”. It means that we are to use the products and experience the positive effects it has on our own health before we recommend it to others. Use the links above to read more about each product.

Agel is therefore a product based concept that is helping you to a better health and to reach your goals.

In the start we are building the foundation for the Agel concept and mainly looking for network marketing or MLM focused people. Regular users of Agel products are welcome to, but we may not have normal running condition at all time while we are building and testing the marked.
Normal consumers is coming when we have the base foundation build and we have got stable operation condition in each marked. Most of the products are also Kosher and Halal certified to satisfy religious demands in the way Agel make the products.

Agel products use well known ingredients with long time proven effects of helping the body itself to do its own job. The innovation about Agel’s products it’s the way it consumes. In gel form your body can benefit faster and more of the active ingredients is taken up in the body.

Suspension Gel technology:

It is well known that liquid products are more efficient that similar products in pill or powder form. Agel has gel products witch don’t go do fast through your body as liquid making it more available to the body to absorb and use.

Other products must:

  • Be dissolve in the right place in your body.

  • Must be taken together with food. Before, after, at a given time.

  • Hard to swallow and must be taken with a lot of water.

  • Don’t come in single serving packs.

The technology behind Agel’s products is still under Patent pending status and is a company secret.
Normal gel is made of easy digestive fiber that makes it easy to digest and make sure a high part of the active ingredients is taken up by the body.

The active ingredients in Agel products.

All the special herbs, fruits, vitamin and minerals together with the gel technology is the benefit and efficiency that make it unique.

Agel can not file a patent for a plant, but the way you process and extract all the active ingredients you can. This is also the most important part and failure to do it correctly may destroy the healthy benefit from that ingredients.
Agel has used big resources to develop the technology and make sure only the best ingredients are taken out for use.

Super Citrimax in FIT is a patented extract where you can get out concentrated HCA. The patent make sure you are getting out the active ingredients and get equal quality every time.
On Agels webpage about the products you may find information about all of the ingredients  in Agel’s products and information about studies done on those,

The amount of each active ingredient in the Agel products is following the recommendation for daily intake done by clinical studies where applicable.

Try the products and become  "i am agel" YOU TO.


*Not all products is available in all countries due to regulations.  Some countries may not sell the products, but can import for own personal use.

 Become "I am Agel"you to.

We recommend that you contact us here or with the person that told you about Agel.
 WADA Safe.
Agel wada safe
Agel Products is tested at WADA accredited laboratory to ensure safe use in athletic sports.
Direct Selling Association.
Agel dsa aproved

Agel approved by DSA, USA's Direct Selling Association..

 Halal and Kosher..
Agel kosher og halal
Agel Products* is Halal and Kosher certified.
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