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Agel - Kosher and halal safe products..

Agel's products* are tested to be kosher and halal approved. See after the signs "Crescent M" and "OU" on the boxes to identify the approved products.
The box itself is marked, but not on each single serving pack..


Islam Halal


Crescent M symbol verify that the product is tested after halal-practice.

Read more about halal at The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA)

On the halal page you will find Agel Enterprises, LLC products. Check here and find Agel Enterprises, LLC in the Manufacture list..



Orthodox Union kosher

OU symbol verify test by kosher practice.

Read more about kosher at the Orthodox Union.

At the kosher page you find Agel Enterprises, LLC products listed. Check here and browse down to Agel Enterprises, LLC




"I am agel" what about U


 Become "I am Agel"you to.

We recommend that you contact us here or with the person that told you about Agel.
 WADA Safe.
Agel wada safe
Agel Products is tested at WADA accredited laboratory to ensure safe use in athletic sports.
Direct Selling Association.
Agel dsa aproved

Agel approved by DSA, USA's Direct Selling Association..

 Halal and Kosher..
Agel kosher og halal
Agel Products* is Halal and Kosher certified.
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