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Agel - WADA testet kosttilskudd.

All Agel's product (FIT, FLX, OHM, UMI, HRT, EXO, PRO and MIN) are tested and aproved with wada accredited laboratory in England. It means that the athletes can safely use the products without worry about the strong regulation set by WADA for the use of nutrition.


Test is done by WADA Accredited Laboratories in England:

Drug Surveillance Group
Newmarket Road
Cambridge, CB7 5WW
Great Britain
Tel : (44) 1638 720500
Fax : (44) 1638 724200
E-mail : SMaynard@hfl.co.uk

Read about the company at. UK Sports., HFL homepage or WADA


agel wada laboratorium

Certificates for the products you can find here, or you can search for agel in HFL list here.


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 WADA Safe.
Agel wada safe
Agel Products is tested at WADA accredited laboratory to ensure safe use in athletic sports.
Direct Selling Association.
Agel dsa aproved

Agel approved by DSA, USA's Direct Selling Association..

 Halal and Kosher..
Agel kosher og halal
Agel Products* is Halal and Kosher certified.
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