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Agel Nutrition in a new way.

Agel is a new revolution way of distributing nutrition with ease of use and well tasting products. By the use of the Patented Gel Technology Agel has provided us with a nutrition that is resolved in the body faster and more efficient with a great taste.
You simply grip, rip and sip!

Agel not only gives you the opportunity to improve your health, you also get the opportunity to take part in the work from home concept that Agel gives you. Visit agel3.in.no to se the online presentation about the Agel Concept or ageldvd.in.no to se the Agel Opportunity.

Read about Agel Enterprise on directsellingnews.com, The DSA (Direct Selling Association) magazine where Agel is now a member.

The Agel opportunity is destiny for greatness is confirmed by the heavyweight people from the network marketing industry that have choose to become “I am agel” to.

Se the great video with Eric Worre here.

Randy Schroeder Randy Gage Eric Worre
Randy Schroder
Randy Gage
Eric Worre

Randy Schroeder is well known in the MLM industry and have been successful in many companies and have helped many people to success by his training. Also known as the "24 Million dollar man"

Randy Gage chooses Agel when he returned after 5 years of absence. Randy is one of the world greatest network marketers and Agel got him back to the industry.

Eric Worre is an icon in the network marketing industry and has had long successful time behind him in all levels. From starting his own company, building it up and sold it. Now he is a part of Agel to.

Claus Lundekvam  
Claus Lundekvam Southampton FC

Claus Lundekvam "former Norwegian national team player" and many of his fellow players in Southampton FC “the Saints” have also become “I am agel”. Agel is rapidly spreading into other clubs and soon we may se players using Agel products in games and on TV.
Claus Lundekvam was one of the most successful members of Agel in October and has now become Director. Our Team has supported many of Claus Norwegian members with presentation and support.

Why Agel will succeed..


  • CAPITAL. Agel has a solid investing company to back them up. Ash Capital (Alan Ashton) the founder of WordPerfect choose to invest into Agel as their first investment into network marketing industry. So far it has been a very good investment for both companies and today Agel is debt free. Ash Capital is still involved as a shear holder in Agel.

  • EXPERTISE. Agel management is Glen Jensen and Craig Bradley. They have had their entire career in the MLM industry.  They have a leader team with way over 50 year with experience and the quality we se both in the concept and the compensation plan.

  • TIMING. To succeed you need the right timing and a new innovative product. Agel has it booth and together with the above points we are destiny for success.

Compensation Plan.

With all the experience that the management has from MLM industry we also expect an excellent Pay Plan. And we will say it maybe the best there is. Rewarding starters well with roof height enough for the MLM guru to be satisfied as well. You get rewarded by making other successful. Se the plan her


"I am agel" what about U

Agel products

 Become "I am Agel"you to.

We recommend that you contact us here or with the person that told you about Agel.
 WADA Safe.
Agel wada safe
Agel Products is tested at WADA accredited laboratory to ensure safe use in athletic sports.
Direct Selling Association.
Agel dsa aproved

Agel approved by DSA, USA's Direct Selling Association..

 Halal and Kosher..
Agel kosher og halal
Agel Products* is Halal and Kosher certified.
Design by AGEL TEAM NORWAY, independent Agel distributors in Norway.
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AGEL Produkt referanser

Celadrin Glucosamine Methylsulfonylmethane MSM Chondroitin Sulfate

schizandra rhodiala ginseng
D-Ribose B12 Jernmangel Jern Mangel

Fucoidan U-fucoidan F-fucoidan Tare Sjøgress Brun Tare

Mineraler Vitaminer Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin C Vitamin B12 Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin Pantothenic acid Pyridoxine Cobalamin Calcium Phosphorus Iodine Magnesium Zinc Selenium

hydroxycitric acid HCA Garcinia cambogia super citrimax citrimax

antioxidant Antioxidants cellular damage 5 om dagen fem om dagen Dark Grape, Cranberry, Bilberry, Aronia, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Para Guava, Noni, Acerola, Wolfberry, Açai, Ashwaganda, and Rooibos ORAC

protein triglycerides fructose muscle nutrition

cholesterol heart antioxidants Taurine carnitine myocardial L-Carnitine Coenzyme Q10 Policosanol Folate Selenium

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